Scholarship Prep teacher greets student with a high five.
Nourishing Minds and Dreams at Scholarship Prep – Allie Massie Recognized as Lunch Hero!
April 2, 2024

Join us in celebrating a true hero in our midst, Allie Masse! As our Compliance Coordinator, her dedication to the Scholarship Prep mission of serving historically underserved students to see them Reach Higher and Dream Bigger is truly commendable. 

In the latest Lunch Hero Spotlight by School Food and Wellness Group, Allie’s tireless efforts coordinating our schools’ free breakfast and lunch program shine bright. From empowering students to unlocking their full potential to fostering an inclusive learning environment, Allie exemplifies what it means to be a changemaker.

“What truly motivates me is how we support the students at our sites – being able to provide free, nutritious meals on a daily basis knowing that some students may not be able to have that in their home. Knowing that they are aware that they can always receive a meal when they are on campus is what truly drives our meal program.”

Allie’s journey from Attendance Clerk to Office Manager and her current role as Compliance Coordinator at Scholarship Prep is nothing short of inspiring.

“After years of working as an Office Manager at Scholarship Prep, I was promoted to the Home Office position I currently hold. I am grateful to have site-level experience where I saw the day-to-day operations. This knowledge has allowed me to understand how I can truly support our sites now as a Compliance Coordinator, where the work is more behind the scenes.”

Read the full article to see how Allie’s passion and commitment are making a real difference.

Together, we’re not just dreaming big; we’re giving students the resources they need to make those dreams a reality!