Principals Vann and Leahy collaborate with conference attendee.

Creating Community Change

Train With Us!

As a nonprofit, free public charter school, Scholarship Prep exists to educate and serve our students and build community partnerships. Our team of experienced educators is passionate about our trauma-informed approach to schooling, and through the CDE’s Homeless Innovative Program’s (HIP) grant, we are poised to share strategies for implementing the Community Meeting toolkit with like-minded districts, administrators, teachers, and staff!



  • Join the Scholarship Prep ambassadors for monthly webinars, where we’ll dive deep into our Community Meeting toolkit with curated topics.
  • Discover how the Community Meeting toolkit, our model of innovative practice (MIP), has made a positive impact on our schools and local community from SP educators, families, and partners.

Office Hours

Twice Monthly

  • Do you share our vision for serving the underserved? Scholarship Prep’s free videoconference office hours provide a more personalized approach to implementing the Community Meeting toolkit in your classroom, school, or district.
  • Learn more in-depth information about the Community Meeting toolkit, ask questions, and share ideas with us in this friendly, supportive, small group setting.

One-on-One Consultations

As Requested

  • Are you ready to take the next steps toward implementing a program that will help you identify and support students experiencing homelessness at your school? Don’t delay and book a peer-to-peer videoconference with one of our Community Meeting toolkit ambassadors.
  • These one-on-one videoconferences are ideal for district leaders, school administrators, and school counselors looking for a personalized and confidential setting to discuss all things Community Meeting – best practices, overcoming obstacles, and more!


Follow Along with Us

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