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Scholarship Prep

And we’re committed to Creating Community Change by operating university-inspired, trauma-informed, free TK-8 public charter schools for all students, especially those experiencing homelessness or in the foster care system.

This website provides an overview and resources for our Community Meeting Toolkit and was made possible by funding from the California Department of Education’s Homeless Innovative Programs (HIP) grant.

Reaching Higher!

Dreaming Bigger!

We began our mission of Creating Community Change with our flagship county-wide charter in Orange County (SPOC) and have expanded with campuses in Los Angeles and San Diego counties. Our model of innovative practice (MIP) is intentionally designed to have a comprehensive, whole-child approach to student success.

Four Campuses in Three Counties

1600 students across four campuses in three Southern California counties, an overwhelming majority of whom are socioeconomically disadvantaged.

Serving our Students Experiencing Homelessness

22% of students at our flagship campus in Orange County are experiencing homelessness.

Identifying & Supporting Homeless Youth

A 10 times higher rate of youth experiencing homelessness attend our Oceanside and Los Angeles/South Bay schools compared to district averages.

Serving the Historically Underserved

As a trauma-informed school, we knew that our students experiencing homelessness needed a welcoming environment, trusted adults and peers, explicit opportunities to learn and practice coping skills, and their basic needs met. Thanks to the Homeless Innovative Programs (HIP) grant, we look forward to sharing our successful strategies and tools with schools across California.

We developed the Community Meeting toolkit to meet the needs of students experiencing homelessness

Improved Student Outcomes

By implementing this model of innovative practice (MIP), Community Meeting has undeniably played a crucial role in elevating our students’ outcomes.

Academic Performance

Scholarship Prep’s students experiencing homelessness scored higher than the state average in ELA and Math.

Academic Engagement

Scholarship Prep’s youth affected by homelessness have a lower Chronic Absenteeism Rate.

Conditions and Climate

Scholarship Prep’s housing insecure youth have a lower suspension rate and increased student satisfaction with school staff and programs.

Train WIth US!

As a nonprofit, free public charter school, Scholarship Prep exists to educate and serve our students and build community partnerships. Our team of experienced educators is passionate about our trauma-informed approach to schooling, and we would love to share these strategies and the Community Meeting toolkit with like-minded districts, administrators, teachers, and staff!

Scholarship Prep teacher greets student with a high five.


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