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Threshold Greetings

The Power of Hello

At Scholarship Prep, our faculty and staff recognize that social-emotional connections with students create safe spaces for growth, collaboration, and learning. This is why we begin each day with Threshold Greetings.

Scholarship Prep teacher greets student with a high five.

Consistent, Positive Encounters

Students who are undergoing the trauma of experiencing homelessness can encounter unseen challenges when it comes to arriving for the day. Through our model of innovative practice (MIP), we know that Threshold Greetings provide a dependable, emotional connection to a trusted adult when arriving at school. They ensure students start their school day with a positive interaction.

These greetings are opportunities to welcome students, build relationships, and provide connection and consistency. Every student is greeted at the door by name every day, with each teacher customizing their greeting system and options, incorporating student voice and choice.

Start Your Day in a Positive Way with Threshold Greetings

Be Consistent

Be consistent and greet each student by name each day as they enter your classroom.
Customize your greeting system according to your grade level and classroom preferences.
Give students options, ensuring they have a voice and choice for their greeting.
Check-in with students who may need additional help regulating or redirecting emotions.

Create Your Greeting

Anyone can create a Threshold Greeting! Decide on the options that work best for your grade level and space, and commit to welcoming your students each day.

High five icon

High Fives

air hug icon

Air Hugs

Two people talking

Call and Response

Thumbs up in a speech bubble


hand shake icon

Personalized Handshakes

Scissors icon

Rock-Paper-Scissors Battle

See Threshold Greetings

In Action

The Importance of Options

Scholarship Prep student selects their preferred greeting.

Voice and Choice

Students experiencing homelessness may not have autonomy about where they live, what they eat, or wear and are empowered by the threshold greeting to voice their opinion.

Students and teachers work together to identify student comfort with touch (high five vs. no high-five) and noise (loud call and response vs. quiet good morning).

Younger-grade teachers typically create a visual menu for greeting selection, while upper-grade teachers may ask verbally about the students’ daily preferences.

Threshold Greetings Provide Opportunities to

Lead with Love

Scholarship Prep teacher greets student with a high five.

Recognition and Belonging

By meeting them at the threshold, we’re acknowledging the humanity, worth, and potential of all students, especially those experiencing homelessness. These greetings may be the first positive adult interaction for the students since they were last on campus.

Redirection and Regulation

More than a fist bump or a high five, Threshold Greetings provide a chance for staff to assess where a student is at, recognizing opportunities to help with regulating emotions or redirecting negative emotions before entering the classroom and interacting with peers.

Breaking Down Barriers

Staff members are also supported through this positive interaction, especially those who may have trouble connecting with their students. Threshold Greetings break down communication barriers and provide an opportunity to connect outside of calling on a student when instruction begins.

Mr. Efren Castillo - School Counselor

“Threshold Greetings allow us to acknowledge and welcome our students and provide an understanding of how a student is doing on any given day. Students feel a sense of community and are excited to be on campus.”

Bradley - 3rd Grade Student

“It makes me happy to start my days with a greeting!”

Mrs. Latoshia Rosser - TK/Kindergarten Teacher

“It’s almost like a little interview – even though students get a chance to be identified as an individual and come into class, they also get a chance to be heard.”

Gianni - 7th Grade Student

“Now that I say ‘good morning’ or ‘hello,’ it makes me feel content to continue the rest of my day in the mood for learning.”


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