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Designated Meeting Time

When Consistency is Key

At Scholarship Prep, we intentionally build a strong community, establishing trust and meaningful connections with our students. To achieve this, we have set aside a consistent and specific time each day for Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in our class schedules.

As a result, a campus-wide effort is in effect to drive SEL. All students are engaged, and classroom bonds are forged. During this time, we also perform a wellness check-in with students using a Weekly Universal Screener.

Students answer prompted questions on computer

Not If,

But When

Making SEL a consistent part of your daily schedule helps to ensure that it is prioritized and not left to chance.

While the staff at Scholarship Prep dedicates the first 30 minutes of each school day to this dedicated meeting time, this programming is flexible for the time and length allotted for your school’s advisory schedule.

As long as your dedicated meeting time occurs at a consistent length and time of day each day, your students will reap the benefits benefit of routine and structure.

Benefits of Routine and Structure

Routine and structure are a model of innovative practice (MIP) intentionally designed to improve the educational stability, access, support, and academic achievement of children and youth experiencing homelessness.

Skills and Structure

The benefits of a consistent routine are not just that a designated meeting time builds student efficacy; it also provides classroom management structure, communication and coping skills, and a time for students to get into the right mindset for learning.

Trauma-Informed Practice

This structured time to connect provides stability, which is an essential trauma-informed practice. Our students are able to know what they are walking into each day without being put on the spot academically first thing in the morning.

Prep for Success

Scholarship Prep teachers use Community Meeting time to map out the day for students. This limits the surprises and disruptions to students’ routines and expectations, allowing for greater academic success.

Skip the Stress

Teacher and students enjoy morning meeting time.

No Wrong Answers

Beginning the day with this meeting time allows our students to participate, experience success, and be in a setting with no wrong answers.

All Students Can Succeed

This practice is especially important and successful for youth experiencing homelessness or other traumas as participation and success are not dependent on completing homework, regular school attendance, or having mastery of grade-level standards.


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