Community Meeting Toolkit

Daily SEL

Classroom Connections

Students start each day with a grounding, community-building activities that create physical and emotional safety.

Daily Social Emotional Learning (SEL) exercises increase self-regulation skills while building healthy social connections in the classroom.

Kindergarten students sit together and communicated

Creating Community Through Common Language

Naming Feelings

With Daily SEL, students learn vocabulary that puts feelings and emotions into words.

Creating Community

As this common language is developed and our classrooms evolve into a community, students and faculty are better equipped to navigate everyday school experiences.

Establishing Trust

In this safe and welcoming environment, students experiencing trauma can build trust with adults and peers.

Building Coping And Conflict Resolution Skills

Lifelong Tools

With Daily SEL, students develop coping mechanisms, behavior management tools, and conflict resolution skills.

Understanding Emotions

Students experiencing homelessness and other traumas can better understand and regulate their emotions and learn how to relate to and interact with their peers.

Focused Learning

Effective conflict resolution enables students to refocus their efforts on learning.

Middle school students practice breathing techniques

Daily SEL in Action

The implementation of standardized SEL exercises across the entire school is a model of innovative practice (MIP) that has yielded remarkable outcomes for Scholarship Prep.

Academic Performance

Scholarship Prep’s students experiencing homelessness scored higher than the state average in ELA and Math.

Academic Engagement

Scholarship Prep’s youth affected by homelessness have a lower Chronic Absenteeism Rate.

Conditions and Climate

Scholarship Prep’s housing insecure youth have a lower suspension rate and increased student satisfaction with school staff and programs.

Selecting an SEL Curriculum to Help

Drive Relevant Conversations

Teacher works with students on communicating

Real-Life Experiences

The SEL curriculum and daily meeting activities use students’ life experiences and non-academic learning as assets.

Relatable and Relevant

Culturally relevant materials feature characters that look and speak like our students, have similar experiences, and share similar cultural backgrounds.

Accessible for Teachers

Daily lessons are curated and easily accessible for teachers, featuring opportunities for students to engage in modeling, storytelling, writing, drawing, dancing, singing, music, and speaking.


News and Events

Oh, what fun it was to celebrate with our Scholarship Prep community at this year’s Sprinkles of Cheer and Winter Wellness events!
Oh, what fun it was to celebrate with our Scholarship Prep community at this year’s Sprinkles of Cheer and Winter Wellness events!

Thanks to the Student Services department, School Counselors, staff, and volunteers, Scholarship Prep Orange County and Oceanside were transformed into winter wonderlands with many entertaining crafts, snacks, and activities that kept our campus jumpin' throughout the...

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