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Classroom Resource Center

Meeting Basic Needs for Engaged Learning

At Scholarship Prep, we equip each classroom with a resource center stocked with essential items to meet students’ basic needs.

During the Designated Daily Meeting Time and throughout the school day, students have access to these resources, some of which may not be available when off campus.

Resource cart in rainbow colors

Preload and Set Norms


Teachers introduce the Classroom Resource Center to their students at the start of each school year.

Faculty and staff explain how the resource is available to all students without shame or judgment.

To avoid misuse, teachers provide examples of when it is appropriate for students to use the Resource Center and when it’s better to leave the resources for their classmates.

Reload and Monitor

We train our staff to monitor the frequency with which students access the classroom resource center for items.

If a student is identified as potentially needing extra support, the staff member engages the School Counselor, as with the Weekly Universal Screener.

Monitoring the Resource Center also lets our staff know when it’s time to restock supplies.

hair products in a resource cart

Classroom Resource Center

In Action

Readily Available Resources for Happy, Healthy Students

An intregal component to Scholarship Prep’s model of innovative practice (MIP), the Classroom Resource Center allows student needs to be addressed proactively instead of reactively. We’re treating the causes instead of the symptoms by stocking our carts with demographic-appropriate items.

Nonperishable snacks
Product for All Hair Types
School supplies
Menstrual Products
Mr. Andrew Crowe - Deputy Director

Kids can’t learn if they’re hungry. They won’t learn if they’re feeling insecure. Providing a positive and nourishing environment is crucial for young minds to thrive.


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